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India having huge population of indigenous people, which were referred to as First people, Aboriginal people, Native people of india they having ancient fabric with the indus Valley Civilisation (IVC). also known as the harappa Civilisation They were culturally distinct ethnic groups from Aryan Civilization After the invention of Aryan civilization. Pre Aryan (IVC) Group become marginalized communities after the defect from Aryans. They started living as a broken community in forest, nearby forest and Hilly area in various forms of groups/tribes These groups are listed together in scheduled Tribes and some broken Group are living in villages and town as the service group of settled tribes such group are listed together in Indian constitution as Scheduled caste. The huge population of farming communities and farming based work. Such community called the other backward communities. All together Indigenous people consists of SC/ST/OBCs. According to the NCRB report 2019 (Crimes in India). Crime against the SC/ST in 2019 are 54183 these were only reported cases of atrocities committed by indigenous people against indigenous people and do not include cases of human rights violations by the security forces. Crimes against indigenous women are 26,000 total 22.9% of SC/ST in Indian Population. And crimes against SC/ST are 22.5% against the Total crime in India. The situation of SC.ST women and girls in India remains alarming, they are deprived of their rights. individual rights are violated in private and public spaces. Murder, Sexual violence, trafficking, social & economic boycotts, etc.,

5 Years of Experience
Defining Success

Global Chapter

India   : Dr. S.K. Gajbhiye, Adv. Kishor Kamble

USA  :  Mr. Pankaj Meshram,  Mr. Washnik

UK  : Solicitor Mr. Ravindra, 1 Old Mitre  Ct,Temple, London  EC4Y 7BS

JAPAN    : Dr. Tatsushi Nemoto,   Sukuba University , Japan

Thailand   : Mr. Manit Boonprong,Bangkok

Singapore :

Malaysia   :

SriLanka   : Mr. Ruwan Balasooriya ,   Mr. Pinnalandawatta.

VIPJP agitation for the rights of Indian Tribal ST
District collector office at Thane , Mumbai    

VIPJP training and awarded participation

Dr. S. K. GAJBHIYE ,National president at Bangaladesh

Dr. S K. GAJBHIYE ,National President at Arunachal Pradesh

India Chapter

 India  Chapter

Dr S.K.Gajbhiye National President

Mr. Rajneesh Meshram ,National Working President

 Adv. Kishor Kamble, National General Secretary

Adv. Mr. Krishna Dube National Treasure

Mrs. Rekha kamble , Head Women Wing

Ms Shrutika , Head Youth Women Wing


Adv. (Prof.) Dhammapal Gajbhiye , Maharashtra State Secretary,   

Adv. Pravin Ingale , Secretary  .Washim Maharashtra

Adv. Dr. Mohan Gawai , Yawatmal, Maharashtra

Adv. Pravin Pandit, Ahamad Nager, Jalna, Maharashtra

Mr. Manoj Ekmlay, Solapur, Osmanabad.

Mr. Ajay Bharati , Madhya Pradesh.

Mr. Vishwakarma Sharma, Bihar.

Ms. Utpala Chakma, Arunachal Pradesh

Mr. Ashutosh Chakma, Guwahati, Assam

U.P., Chhattisgarh, W. Bengal, A.P

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