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UN working group of Indigenous People

UN working group of Indigenous PeopleThe International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is observed on 9 August each year to raise awareness and protect the rights of the world’s indigenous population.It was first pronounced by the United Nations General Assembly in December 1994, Marking the day of the first meeting of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations of teh Sub-Commission on teh Promotion and Protection of Human rights in 1982. The Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a non-legally binding resolution passed by the United Nations in 2007

Organizational Base

Active Ground Level Volunters

VIPJP engages in advocacy efforts at national and international levels to influence policies, legislation, and practices that impact indigenous peoples.

Sociologist Intellectual

VIPJP provides legal support and assistance to indigenous communities facing human rights violations. The organization collaborates with legal

Legal illuminator

The Legal Illuminators within VIPJP are highly skilled legal professionals with expertise in indigenous rights and human rights law. They provide legal assistance and support to indigenous communities facing human rights violations

Educational Professor

The Educational Professors at VIPJP are experienced educators and professors who specialize in designing and implementing educational programs for indigenous communities

Health Expertise

VIPJP's Health Experts possess specialized knowledge and experience in addressing the unique health challenges faced by indigenous communities. They collaborate with local health systems,

Our Programs

Human Rights Education

We conduct programs to educate individuals and communities about their human rights, fostering a culture of respect and understanding.

Social Justice Awareness

We raise awareness about social injustices and work towards creating a more equitable and inclusive society for all.

Indian Constitution Preamble Awareness

We promote awareness and understanding of the preamble of the Indian Constitution, emphasizing its principles of justice, equality, and fraternity.

Immunization and National Health Education

We advocate for immunization and provide national health education to ensure better health outcomes for all, particularly marginalized communities.

Adult Literacy and Dropout Rate Reduction

We strive to enhance adult literacy rates and reduce the dropout rate in schools, enabling individuals to access opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Women Empowerment and Skill Development

We empower women through various programs that focus on skill development, enhancing their capacities, and promoting their active participation in decision-making processes.

Strengthening Self-Help Groups (SHGs)

We work towards strengthening self-help groups, providing support and resources to promote sustainable livelihoods and economic empowerment.

Enhancements of Human Development Index (HDI)

We undertake initiatives to improve key indicators of human development, such as education, healthcare, and standard of living, thereby contributing to an enhanced Human Development Index.

Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

We advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights, working towards creating a society where the inherent dignity and rights of all individuals are respected and upheld.

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